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Vegetarian actors: Carlos Agassi, Chin-Chin Gutierrez, Diether Ocampo, Juliana Palermo, Meryll Soriano, Raymond Bagatsing and Yasmien Kurdi.

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Pipino Vegetarian
Lifestyles of the chic and vegan
My eclectic kitchen
Vromage - vegan cheese shop
Diane G. Mejilla
The Corner Tree Cafe
Alicia Mayer on Vegetarianism
Raya Mananquil is an Angel for Animals
A Vegan Gem in Manila -- Corner Tree Cafe
Geneva Cruz Goes Au Naturel in New Pro-Vegetarian Ad
Cory Quirino at Dr. Tam's Vegan Haus
3 'Lettuce Ladies' from PETA
Sandra Seifert, sumali sa sexy campaign para i-promote ang vegetarianism
Youssef Fakhouri, LA's God of Vegan Cheeses
Borgy and Ornusa Speak Out Against Zoos

Vegetarian models: Alicia Mayer, Corey Wills, Isabel Roces, Raya Mananquil and Sandra Seifert.

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Vegan Filipino Pinakbet
Philippine Vegan Recipes
Popular Philippine Vegan Ginataang Kalabasa Squash in Coconut Milk In Tagalog
Philippine vegetarian dishes
Vegan Filipino Sour Soup "Sinigang"
Vegan Filipino Chayote (Ginisang Sayote)
Vegan Filipino Chayote (Ginisang Sayote)
Eggless Chocolate Cake
Philippine Vegan Tortang Talong (Vegan Eggplant Omelet) (In Tagalog)
Filipino Vegan Coconut Milk & Yam "Ginataan Sweet Potato"
Sandra Seifert is 'sexiest vegetarian' in PH
Alicia Mayer
13 Pinoys in running for 'Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity'
Alicia Mayer in poster

Vegetarian TV personalities: Geneva Cruz, Lougee Basabas and RJ Ledesma.

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Pipino restaurant
Filipino vegan cuisine
Cocina Verde Cafe - Legazpi City
Free Mali

Manila PETA.

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Vegetarian celebrities: Cynthia_Alexander, singer Nityalila Saulo and Senator Jamby Madrigal.

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The Philippine Animal Welfare Society.

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PETA Asia.

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