Human Rights

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Human Trafficking - Philippines
Human Trafficking - Philippines
Visayan Forum Foundation
Child Protection Unit Network - Philippines
In the Philippines, a Fight to End Human Trafficking - PBS NewsHour
Childrens Rehabilitation Center Philippines
Preda Foundation - Philippines
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women - Asia Pacific
Asia ACTs Against Child Trafficking - Philippines

Human Trafficking
3 Strands Global
Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000
Net clean
United States Hotlines

Human Rights - Philippines
Visiting Forces Agreement b/t the United States and the Philippines
2000 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom: Philippines
Amnesty International - Human Rights in the Philippines

Human Rights
Geoffrey West The surprising math of cities and corporations
No Sweat Apparel
The Earth Charter Initiative
Echoing Green
Conscience and Peace Tax International (CPTI)

Victims of forced disappearances.
Project Disappeared
Comite de Familiares de Detenidos - Desaparecidos en Honduras
International Coalition Against Enforced Disappearances
KontraS - The Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence
The International Commission on Missing Persons

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Gautama Buddha, Dhammapada

Ban Landmines

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