Vivisection, viv'i-sek'shan, n. [< L. vivus, alive, and sectio, sectionis, a cutting.] The dissection of, or otherwise experimenting on, a living animal, esp. for the purpose of ascertaining or demonstrating some fact in physiology or pathology. -Websters Dictionary

"It is incomprehensible how parties with vested interests repeatedly assert the necessity and purposefulness of animal experiments, paying no regard to the views of many who think otherwise, and at the same time conceal the fact that the defence used against claims for damages resulting from side effects caused by extensively used animal-tested medicaments and chemical substances is precisely that the animal-test results could not be applied to the human organism."

Dr. med. Werner Hartinger, Specialist in General and Accident Surgery, in a lecture entitled "Vivisection - False Path of Medicine?", on October 4, 1985, at the Kunsthaus in Zurich.

"I write in sorrow [on vivisection]: as far as I can tell, no voice has been heard from the Church about this evil. The matter is forgotten for another year. It should not be. It is one of the most appalling blots on our plentifully blotted civilisation."

Rev. Geoffrey Mather (1910- )

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