Vivisection, viv'i-sek'shan, n. [< L. vivus, alive, and sectio, sectionis, a cutting.] The dissection of, or otherwise experimenting on, a living animal, esp. for the purpose of ascertaining or demonstrating some fact in physiology or pathology. -Websters Dictionary

"As a cancer specialist engaged in clinical practice, I can't agree with the researchers who believe that results obtained with laboratory animals are applicable to human beings."

Prof. Dr. Heinz Oeser, in one of the leading German weeklies, Quick, March 15, 1979

"The arguments used to justify vivisection are those which could be used to justify any atrocity."

George Bernard Shaw, (1856-1950), Irish Playwright and Critic awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature (1925) and an Oscar (1938)

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